The Best Guitar Lessons In Surrey, British Columbia

Have you been playing guitar awhile, but still can’t play the guitar the way you want?  Are you seeking guitar education for your child, and feeling a little inundated and lost at all of the options available for generic music lessons?  Perhaps you’re even considering foregoing a teacher for yourself or your child, and considering “going it alone” with the help of free YouTube videos and books.

The thing is, getting good 1-on-1 coaching from a pro, it just saves you a huge amount of time and unnecessary work.  That’s why to this day I still seek out 1-on-1 lessons (from specific individuals) and I really recommend you do as well.  Although there is some good info out there in the sea of material available on YouTube, if you ever compare it to getting focused, individualized guitar education from a qualified instructor – it’s a night and day difference.  Key distinction in bold if you’re considering getting taught at the music store down the street!

When I started playing guitar, it was pretty much the dawn of Web 2.0 and massive amounts of guitar instructional content was published on seemingly a daily basis.  I devoured it all, bought every instructional DVD I could get my hands on, and took conventional guitar lessons at my local music store.  But I was always frustrated with the amount of “trial and error” it took for me to get the finer points of guitar playing down, and just “rip” on guitar without inhibition.

After a decade-and-a-half of hard work and sacrifice, it all came together for me.  I was appointed a Fellow Of The London College Of Music, released multiple albums, and even made it to the finals of Guitar Idol, the most renowned international guitar playing competition designed to showcase the top up-and-coming players on the planet.  I vowed to help guitarists work effectively to reach their goals – no matter how big or how small – without suffering like I had.

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  • Learn to play guitar the way YOU WANT.  Custom-tailored guitar curriculum so that you get all the skills you need to play the music YOU specifically want to play, and have a great time doing it.
  • Save practice time.  By getting elite quality instruction, you will eliminate the need for trial-and error and guesswork in your practicing.  You will achieve the results you dream of in a fraction of the practice time required if you go this alone.
  • Save money.  Make the smart investment in your guitar education and get to your goals fast – rather than spin your wheels with endless “go-nowhere” lessons.
  • Enjoy peace of mind getting coached 1-on-1 by a top pro in guitar, fully certified by the London College Of Music.