About Me

I am an accomplished and highly experienced guitarist and guitar teacher, proficient in all styles of contemporary guitar.  I hold a DipLCM and LLCM in Electric Guitar Performance from the University of West London, and am a prolific performer both as a member of various bands and as a contemporary solo artist.

I released my self-titled solo album in the Winter of 2016, which was released to critical acclaim and drew comparisons to many modern virtuoso players.  It was an incredible feeling to see Prog Sphere magazine herald the album as “proof that Matt could play alongside the world’s greatest in shred guitar.”  I have invested in tens of thousands of hours of study of my craft, and along the way developed a strong desire to share my passion and knowledge with others, and help them experience the euphoria of music for themselves.

I am a passionate educator and fluent in all London College of Music curricula for guitar and popular music theory, and as a teacher strive to get students playing the music they are passionate about, while developing a thorough understanding and appreciation for music along the way.  I am also able to mentor students to gain accredited qualifications in guitar, be it through graded exams or university-level performance diplomas for students who aim to play on a professional level.