Two Amazing Businesses Guitarists in Surrey and Langley Need to Check Out!

Whether you’re a new to the guitar entirely, an experienced musician who’s recently moved to the area, or just wanting some great new businesses to check out, it can be a tough decision knowing where to go for your guitar-related needs.  That being said, I wanted to highlight two amazing guitar-based businesses in the Surrey and Langley area that I think all guitarists would enjoy.  I have relied on these businesses for many of my guitar effects, instructional materials, guitar setups, and just good advice for the last several years.  Please note, I am not affiliated with these businesses in any way!

  1. Guitar Effects Canada ( — Located in the heart of downtown Langley, Guitar Effects Canada has an incredible selection of guitar effects, amplifiers, accessories, instructional materials, and more.  The management is not only incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to guitar equipment and hardware, but also have decades of playing experience and extensive musical education – quite a step up from the “big-box” retail music stores.  For any guitar repair needs, they have a certified Fender electric and acoustic technician on staff who can fix quite literally any issues with your guitar that you may need corrected.  Simply put, if you are a guitar player and live in the Langley area, you NEED to check this shop out ASAP!
  2. The Guitar Repair Centre ( — For guitarists residing in the Surrey area who are in need of repairs for guitars or guitar amplifiers, The Guitar Repair Centre is an excellent choice.  They offer excellent quality repairs, very speedy service, and affordable prices.  I have been in jams multiple times with equipment needing fast repairs to be ready for a gig or recording session, and when I lived in the Surrey area, The Guitar Repair Centre came through every time!  Check out their website and make an appointment if you’re in need of  some repair work done!

I hope you enjoy checking out these businesses!

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